​​Hours -Mon-Tue 11am-4pm

​ Wed-Thurs 11am-7pm


Saturday 11am-4pm

Closed Sunday

​Daily Lunch Specials

Daily Dinner Specials

We are a family owned restaurant, located at  our new location at 117 E. 2nd St.  Downtown Seymour. We offer a family friendly  atmosphere for you and your entire family.

Our Goal is to offer the 3 goods.

1 good food

2 good service

3 good price

Bullwinkle's Family​ Restaurant

​Monday- Any Wrap ,Homemade Chips

and a Drink  $6.99

​Tuesday-Any singleburger  with Sidewinder Fries and a Drink $6.99

​Wednesday -Chicken Salad Sandwich

on white, cup of soup​

and a Drink $6.99

Thursday-Fried or Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich ,Sidewinder Fries

and  a Drink $6.99

Friday-  Fish Filet Sandwich 

​with Fries and a Drink $6.99

Bullwinkle's Family

​  Restaurant

​Saturday-Breaded or Grilled Tenderloin and Fries $7.99


Friday -Fish and Shrimp Dinner

A Whitefish Filet and 6 Butterfly Shrimp served with slaw and your choice of 1 side $9.99